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These calls provide parent guidance, coaching and education.  They are not a therapy or counseling service. 

Last September, I taught the Meltdown Map on a webinar and here’s what Amanda experienced:

“I attended the session and learned techniques/tips that I was able to apply that evening. I saw the benefits instantly! The Meltdown Map and Calm Down tools are great and so easy to incorporate into our daily routine.”

If Amanda got all that from a group experience… Imagine what you can get from working through your Meltdown Map one-on-one with me.

So what in the world is a Meltdown Map? 

Well, I worried a bit over the name… meltdown mapping, but I love alliteration and I’ve been calling it this for years, so it’s kinda stuck in my head now. 

But what I want to make sure you know is that the Meltdown Map isn’t just for meltdowns. It’s useful for taking a deeper look at any point in your parenting where you feel stuck. 

It may be when you or your child has meltdowns, but it also may be when your child doesn’t listen, or is anxious about meeting new people or trying new things, or it may be bedtime battles. You get to pick!

What’s the biggest challenge or stuck spot in your parenting right now? 

In the meltdown mapping conversation, you and I will identify patterns and co-create 1-3 new pivot points. Pivot points are actions that you, along with my guidance, choose to practice so you begin to create new parenting habits and shift where you’ve been stuck.

Isn’t that cool?!

It’s not a call where all you’ll get is more information. Oh, you’ll get information, but you’ll also get insight into what’s going on in your family and specific actions and practices that you can use immediately.  

You’ll also have access to a follow up call a week later. 

This is so great because we’ll be able to connect and talk about how your new practices are working out. I’ll be available to support you if you hit any snags when you begin to actually practice your new pivot points.  

In a nutshell, Meltdown Mapping includes:

A Get Acquainted Questionnaire– You complete this and send it to me prior to our call. It’ll help you get clear and focused on the topic you’ve chosen to explore.

A Meltdown Mapping Call- A 45 minute phone call where we connect 1:1, work through your personal Meltdown Map, and co-create 1-3 new actions you can begin to use right after our call.

The Meltdown Map Tool- We’ll use this tool to identify patterns and pivot points specific to your family situation. 

A Follow Up Call- A 15 minute call where we’ll check in and see how things are progressing or where they may have gotten stuck since our Meltdown Mapping conversation. 

Counselor: Kim Restivo Lange
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